Abberbury is a medieval coop 2d platformer game. You'll find colorful locked levels, dangerous opponents and a variety of deadly traps. Use tactics, strength and agility for defeating the enemies!
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In the far 1386 by the order of King Richard I, Sir richard Abberbury turned his estate Donnington into a fortified castle.
In 1399 Sir Richard died and the castle was inherited by his only son - Sir Reed Abberbury.
In 1415, Reed went to war in France, where he spent 10 years in fierce battles.
There he met a man who became close to him as a brother, - a mighty Viking Gunnar.
Being at the front, Reed received terrible news. His infamous uncle Norton appropriated the Donnington castle and took into a custody the young wife of Reed.
Sir Reed was forced to return to England without delay, in order to save his beloved wife and make his dishonorable uncle answer.
His denominated brother Gunnar went to this dangerous adventure with him. By the time of Reed's return, Norton had prepared the castle for defense.
Being aware of the fact, that his nephew knows all the secret passages of the castle, he set a lot of deadly traps against him...